Security Regulations


For “Gain Studios Limited”, security is of crucial importance. We dedicate our resources to ensuring the security of your account, transactions, and the games and tournaments you participate. Our security team uses the most advanced software and monitoring techniques to ensure the highest level of security at all times.

Account Security

Each account is only accessible via a specific username and password. Each player is obliged to protect his username and password. If a player loses or forgets his password, you will be able to reset it.

Each player may only have one account. Players must provide complete and accurate names, addresses, and valid contact information when opening an account. Our security team checks the personal data randomly. Incorrect information can lead to account closure.

“Gain Studios Limited” offers its players the highest standard of support in the industry.

Game Security

Before the cards are issued, our Game Presenters shuffle the cards.

All game information is transmitted between servers and players’ computers using 128-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Link).

It is impossible for one player to see another player’s cards through technical means.

The security team monitors and checks the progress of the game and the stored data in order to prevent bargaining between players.

If you have any questions regarding security, please contact our customer support, which is available 24/7.

Fairness and Safety of the Game

Always safe, always fair. That is how we play.

We rely on a safe and secure gaming environment that is the same for all players at all times. We do this in two ways:

Hand History Anonymity – Your poker nickname is not visible in your hand history. This prevents other players from following you’re playing style and allows you to improve your game in peace and security.

Prohibition of Seating Scripts – Our monitoring system removes players who use Seating Scripts to gain an unfair advantage at the table.

Change your poker nickname – You can change your poker nickname once. This gives you full control over player data.

Random Number Generator

For success, it is important to provide a safe gaming environment for our players. Through the algorithms and practices we use, we can ensure complete fairness to every player. Our Random Number Generator (RNG) uses a high level of encryption and random selection to ensure fair play – without exception.

To maintain these standards, we develop and use modern systems to create and maintain a gaming environment without collusion.

Monitoring Team

Our Monitoring Team is specialized in making the best use of these sophisticated tools to ensure a safe gaming environment for you. The Monitoring team is concerned with the fairness of the games.

Secret Agreements

Secret deals take place between two or more players. They represent a strategy to gain inadequate advantage over the other players at the table. We have developed a system to prevent collusion, which allows us to identify the players involved and exclude them from the site. This system based on a modern technology platform uses a combination of algorithms, permutations and combinations. We identify the players who are involved in collusion, so that appropriate action can be taken against them.

Security Message for Associated Users

Occasionally, when you try to sit down at a table, a message may alert you that you are being referred to a player already seated at the table. This occurs when our system detects a closer relationship between your account and another account at that table. This relationship is dependent on various parameters. A prevention system prevents collusion between two people who know each other. This restriction is a standard security measure that applies to all players. We do not specifically target your account.

Disconnection and Cancellation Conditions

The following terms and conditions contain the terms and procedures concerning all rights of the players in case of disconnection and cancellation of games.

If a player is disconnected, he/she will still be allowed to participate in the current round and play for that portion of the game in which he/she was financially involved up to the time of disconnection. The maximum time of disconnection may not exceed 1 minute, when the player can rejoin, after which the player should be set to automatically Check/Fold, depending on the actions of the other players. In case the disconnection happens from our side, if the interruption is for the short period, the game will be continued and the player can continue the game, but in case of longer interruptions the game should be voided and all player stakes will be returned to the players.

Customer Account Security

Secure storage of your credentials.

Consider the following points to keep your credentials secure:

  • Never share a computer account.
  • Never use the same password for more than one account.
  • Do not tell anyone about your password, including customer service or security personnel.
  • Never write down your password.
  • Never communicate about your password by phone, e-mail or instant messaging services.
  • Always log off when you leave a computer unattended.
  • Change your passwords if there is a risk that they are not secure.
  • Use different passwords for your operating system and your applications/software.
  • Your password should be alphanumeric.
  • Create your passwords randomly. However, you should be able to remember them well.
  • Keep your antivirus software up to date.
  • Keep your personal firewall up to date.
  • Avoid using your account on computers that are publicly accessible, e.g. in Internet cafes.
  • Change your password regularly, e.g. every 90 days.
  • Always keep your operating system, browser and browser plugins up to date.
  • Disable or uninstall software or browser plugins that you do not use – this will reduce your vulnerability.

To select a secure password.

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Your password should contain at least 8 characters.
  • Use one number / several numbers.
  • Do not use words that can be found in a dictionary or that contain personal information.
  • Never use passwords that correspond to calendar dates, vehicle registration numbers, phone numbers or other known numbers.
  • Do not use company names or their abbreviations.
  • Do not use a password that corresponds to your user name.

An account could be compromised if:

  • There are changes to your account information that were not made by you, such as a change of email address or phone number.
  • There are account transactions that were not made by you, e.g. deposits, withdrawals or placed bets.
  • If you receive a notification about a password change that was not made by you.
  • If any of the above is applied to you, please change your password and contact our customer service immediately.